What we offer

What we offer: 

Each client will receive a free, personalised consultation and quotation.
We appreciate that every one of our customers will have individual needs and we will work hard to meet your specific requirements. 
We can undertake all types of Air Conditioning and electrical work – from the design, supply and installation of Air Conditioning systems (from single split units through to multi VRV systems) to the servicing and maintenance of existing units. We have experience of installing and working on these types of systems in telecom data rooms, offices, clubs, schools, banks and domestic premises.
We also offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme for your air conditioning installation. Regular maintenance is vital if you wish to prolong the working life of your air conditioning system and to keep your system performing at a top level of efficiency.
To help prevent system failure and to ensure systems continue to perform at optimum efficiency we advise that systems are periodically inspected, cleaned & tested by trained personnel.
Our maintenace contract comprises of:
  • Competitively priced annual, six-monthly or quarterly visits
  • Thorough inspection and unit checks
  • Cleaning and testing of systems
  • Anti-bacterial treatments



Our engineers are experienced installers in a wide range of equipment brands.  We will always recommend the system and brand most appropriate to your application.
We provide all installation customers with Maintenance Agreements and warranties of up to 12 months.  We are sensitive to your business needs and will carry out our work in a professional, polite and non disruptive manner.
R22 Unit Replacement: 
From 1st January 2015 it will be illegal to have a functioning R22 unit. Refrigerant 22 has been the most commonly used refrigerant in air conditioning systems and it has become the last of the ozone-damaging refrigerants to be phased out.
However there are now more efficient units on the market so you would save money on the cost of replacement through the cheaper running costs, in the long term.
Fault Repair
If your unit is not cooling/ heating effectively we are able to diagnose and repair the fault.  


Additional Services

Electrical services carried out by fully qualified electricians


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  • Premiere Dreadz
    These guys are truly one of the biggest up and coming brands. The job was smooth, customer service ...


  • Anthony king
    I found Right temperature control to be conscientious and meticulous from start to finish.