Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose the right system for my requirements?
A. Don’t worry, RTC can do that for you, with a no obligation survey, we can offer you various options to suite your needs.
Q. Will an air conditioning unit heat the room as well as cool it down?
A.  Yes, an air-conditioning unit will heat or cool to ensure that a room maintains a selected air temperature.
Q. Do I need planning permission?
A. This is dependent on the local authority; please consult your local planning authority to avoid any issues.
Q. What does a typical install comprise of? 
A. Typical installation comprises of an indoor unit connected by refrigeration grade copper pipe, to an outdoor unit.
At installation a hole large enough to accommodate 2 x pipes with insulation, cable, and condensate drain pipe or hose would need to be drilled.
Q. Is the pipe work on display?
A. Where possible we will try and ‘hide’ pipe work.  This may be in a suspended ceiling, or in a floor space / void.
Q. What are the electrical requirements?
A. The electrical requirements depend greatly on the type of system used. Possible options would be:
Connection to a fused spur.
Dedicated supply to the air conditioning system.
Q. How does water drain away?
A. There are two ways in which the condensate can be drained from the indoor units:
Gravity drain: The use of pipe/ hose connected to an existing drain point
Use of a condensate pump.
Q. Should I arrange maintenance visits for my unit(s)?
A. Yes, this would help keep the unit working at optimum levels of efficiency and minimise the risk of costly fault repairs later on.

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    I found Right temperature control to be conscientious and meticulous from start to finish.